Why should Counsellors and and Psychotherapists need to have Supervision ?
Supervision is essential to ensure high standards of professional practice. Ongoing supervision helps practitioners to monitor and review the quality of their work as well as thier client's progress.


I hold a Diploma in Supervision and provide Supervision in accordance with the BACP Ethical framework for good practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy.







                 What does Supervision cost and how do I make an appointment ?


Sessions can be timed to fit your particular circumstances (e.g. occasional sessions, weekly, fornightly or monthly.) The BACP requirements are for 1.5 hours per month for qualified pracitioners.

Supervision sessions are charged per hour at £45.00 per hour.


To arrange an appointment:-

Telephone:- 07811 255732







Assessment and evaluation 

Direction of the work

Critical awareness and reflection upon the theraputic process

Maintenance of boundaries and ethical thinking






Supervision allow the Supervisees to reflect on their own and thier clients process. In addition Supervision can highlight where and how to work with the relational dynamics of transference, counter-transference, projective identification and parallel processing. 


Supervision has a role in helping  move beyond the basic forms of counselling skills to develop a more sophisticated form of counselling expertise.


In addition Supervision can also assist with:-